Secrets of Boxing Betting

Over the years, boxing has consistently maintained its position as a leader among the types of martial arts. Fights are attracting an ever-larger audience, including online, where boxing betting is already offered in dozens of the largest bookmakers. Anyone can use the renowned bookmaker Parimatch to make boxing betting Canada. But to turn them from a hobby into a source of good income, it is important to know about common strategies that always increase the likelihood of winning.

When placing boxing betting odds, you should understand that there is no guarantee of winning in any strategy. But a competent approach to the game will help to correctly analyze the statistics, due to which an ill-considered bet on boxing will become a rarity.

How to bet on boxing using strategies

A significant group of strategies is the strategy of boxing betting without catching up. They are supposed to bet on good odds, accompanied by a minimal probability of losing. When choosing a bet, one should take into account the statistics and the current shape of the opponents, as well as some other factors. Betting on boxing fights without catching up include:

  • a bet against the favorite. Since the quotes for obvious outsiders usually exceed the value of the three, this is a good, albeit rare, way of high wagering. The main thing in the bet is that it does not seek to increase the number of subsequent bets in case of victory, but continues to play within the original limits;
  • a bet on totals. Its meaning lies in a bet on the duration of the competition, or on which of the rounds will be knocked out. Such a strategy also does not give guarantees, but statistics save here too: certain athletes often use knockout even with difficult opponents;
  • a bet on an opponent in whose country the fight is taking place. Home matches outside of the major arenas in the US, Japan, and the UK are common and often underestimated by bookmakers. On their territory, fighters feel more confident subconsciously, therefore such a bet on boxing bet online is often successful.

In addition to betting without catching up, you can learn how to bet on boxing from other strategies that are no less profitable with the right approach.

How to use boxing betting sites with catch-up strategies

Dogon is a common concept when it comes to boxing betting in Canada and other countries. We are talking about increasing the initial size of the bet in case of failure so that the next win can compensate for the loss. In the classics, studying boxing betting sites for quotes, the player makes a catch-up in bets with odds of 2 or more, constantly doubling the amount. For convenience, in the strategy, you can use a special formula to calculate the required bet size: S = X + Y / K − 1, where X is the probable win from the first bet, Y is the total number of previous losses, and K is the coefficient of the future event.

The use of dogon requires a good financial knowledge of the participant: it is important to take into account that subsequent losses should not leave the player without money.

Among other popular strategies, how to place bets on boxing is quite popular – a knockout bet in a specific round. This time the player should bet on the favorite, but even with a defeat in a round and several consecutive losses, a high coefficient does not require an increase in the amount of the deal – the losses will be covered by a further victory.

Be sure to try your favorite strategy in practice, backing it up with the knowledge of analytics and the study of the players’ style. Parimatch will help you win a good amount with great odds and bonus offers.