Secrets of Successful App Optimization for App Store

Mobile applications are a must-have for many businesses – they serve as a convenient channel for communication with a customer. However, it is not easy to develop a product; you also need to promote it. And this is where App Store optimization will come in handy. So, let’s check what it is all about and how to optimize mobile applications.

What Is ASO and How to Work With It?

Many people believe in the power of ASO consultancy services and there are many arguments for that. ASO is now considered a mandatory element of integrated marketing for application owners. It provides an increase in the position of the application in the ranking of stores on key queries, thus, affecting its views and downloads.

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As with SEO promotion, application optimization will bring organic traffic and will raise your profit levels. Promotions on Google Play and the App Store have some differences, but the basics of ASO are the same, and that’s where we start. ASO consists of several main stages:

  1. Defining the KPI’s before starting work;
  2. Application audit;
  3. Competitors analysis;
  4. Basic optimization;
  5. Conducting A/B tests.

How do users search for mobile applications – by their names or key queries that describe the required functionality? You should know the answer in advance in order to develop a winning promotion strategy for your product. This is what you need to take care of in order to optimize a mobile app for App Store:

  • Title – The optimal length up to 50 characters; the visible part is 30 characters. Use these to feature the most important information and high-frequency KW.
  • Description – For iPhone apps, a full description is not a ranking factor, so you can write just good text to attract users here. But do not exceed the limit of 4,000 characters. We advise you not to have solid text – divide it into paragraphs.
  • “Keywords” field – Its content is not visible to regular users, but it is one of the important ranking factors in the App Store. You can register up to 100 characters here. We recommend that you use all the available characters, use commas to separate keywords, and do not duplicate queries used in the name or description. Do not write the name of the developer and the names of other brands in the “keywords” field and place queries in descending order of their significance.
  • Category – Choose the most appropriate category based on the theme of a project and the strategy of your competitors.

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  • Icon – Create an attractive icon. Make sure you follow the platform rules when it comes to the asset type, size, and format.
  • Screenshots – In the App Store, you can upload up to five screenshots, and the most important of them are the first two. You can see them when you go to the application page.
  • Promo video – In the App Store, you can post videos of up to 30 seconds. It is recommended to create an animated video without text but with an attractive fixed image for the preview.
  • Localization – To adapt the application to different languages, you need to go to iTunes Connect and mark the languages ​​there, and then fill in all the required fields.

As you can see, there is a lot to be done to optimize your mobile app. But it is worth it. Having properly optimized your mobile app, you will reach top positions in platform charts.