Services That Small Businesses Should Outsource

By outsourcing certain every day mechanisms and functions that are part and parcel of running a business, small enterprises can benefit massively. Because of this, the practice of outsourcing has increased greatly over the past few years, especially with those companies that have previously outsourced services in the past. However, it is important that, as a company, you are outsourcing the correct areas of your business in order to achieve the growth and scaling up that so many hope to achieve by doing so. Some of the best functions that any small business can benefit from outsourcing are listed below:

Customer Service

Regardless of the way in which a small business delivers their customer service function, it is highly important that it is done right. Given how time consuming answering telephone calls and responding to customer emails can be for a small team, it can be beneficial to get a larger customer service team on board to handle these things for you so that you can focus on the day to day running of the business and other areas that you have not yet outsourced to others.


Having your own in house team of sales staff would mean that you would likely only have a small number of employees working for a limited period of time. For those smaller businesses that are currently or are planning on adopting an aggressive sales strategy, outsourcing the sales function of the business can be an effective and efficient thing to do. It is also less risky than trying to do it yourself given the many years of experience and the latest knowledge that the agency is likely to have. It is also more likely that an outsourced sales team can work for longer periods of time than what a regular in house team could.


In order to produce an effective marketing campaign, either print or digital, then it requires a certain set of skills and some level of specialism. Hiring and taking on board a member of staff to manage any marketing and advertising content that you put out can be incredibly expensive. However, by outsourcing marketing as a service, you can not only save money but also use the expertise of the agency to deliver highly powerful and effective campaigns that spread the message of your product(s) and / or service(s).


For ecommerce businesses and even those with only a minimal amount of computer tech in them, cybersecurity is of vital importance. Even if the business does contain a dedicated IT expert or team, it is highly likely that they do not possess knowledge in all aspects of the discipline given how quickly it changes and evolves. If you were to hire an expert or employ a full team to be in charge of your cybersecurity then that can be a very expensive thing to do. A more cost effective way is by outsourcing the job of keeping your website and computer systems safe to a specialist cybersecurity company.