Showing No Bias, Der8auer Delids AMD Ryzen Threadripper

Just over a week ago we reported on Der8auer delidding an Intel Skylake-X CPU, and this week he released a new video, embedded below, detailing what he found when removing the heatspreader on an AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1950X chip. By using a prototype of his own Threadripper delidding tools, he was able to heat the CPU in the oven at round 220C for a little less than an hour, which liquefies the solder and loosens the glue, and get the heatspreader off with very little force.

There has always been debate regarding the four dies beneath the Threadripper heatspreader, and whether or not two of them were defective, or dummies. Der8auer goes on to state that he believes all four dies are legit, and that is what he found once all four dies were removed from the package. He is unsure if the two disabled dies are faulty or not, but he believes that there will eventually be a 32 core desktop chip in the future. It’s a pretty cool process to watch, and he does a great job of explaining the steps and why they are being taken.

Check out the gallery of images below for some really great shots of the Threadripper dies taken by Der8auer.

IMG 1770s IMG 1771s IMG 8982
IMG 8988 IMG 9003 IMG 9006
IMG 9013