Der8auer does it again, and reveals that the upcoming Intel Skylake-X heatspreader is unsoldered

Famed overclocker Der8auer recently revealed a delidded Intel Skylake-X i9-7920X in a Facebook post, and announced that the CPU was compatible with his Delid-Die-Mate-X tool. As shown in the image he posted on Facebook, shown below, the die on the i9-7920X is significantly larger than the one found on the existing lower core count i9 chips.

Der8auer i9 7920X delid

While the choice to skip the soldering process makes for an easier deliding process, the heat transfer between the die and heatspreader is not as efficient as it could be. These upcoming Skylake-X chips will be compatible with the existing X299 platform, adding options for 12-18 cores to the existing 4-10 core Kaby Lake-X parts, and are aimed squarely at AMD’s recently released Ryzen Threadripper CPUs.