Silicon Power Announces XPOWER Zenith and XPOWER Zenith RGB DDR5 Memory

Silicon Power (SP) releases its first line of memory modules featuring the all-new, next-gen DDR5 technology. Designed for gaming, the XPOWER Zenith DDR5 UDIMM module is available in both RGB and non-RGB forms. Experience even faster frequencies, greater capacities, and lower voltages with the latest release in our Zenith Series, the XPOWER Zenith DDR5 UDIMM module. Take your gaming abilities to new high scores with turbo speeds ranging from 5200 MHz to 6000 MHz. It’s available in 8 GB, 16 GB, and 32 GB module densities with double the banks and double the burst length compared to DDR4 to give hardcore gamers and overclockers the power to harness DDR5’s game-changing performance.

sp xpower 1 sp xpower 2 sp xpower 3 sp xpower 4

Eliminate The Competition Without Turning Up The Heat
The aluminium heatsink, available in black or white and finished with a hairline texture, promotes maximum heat dissipation and thermal management. This effect is boosted even further by a low 1.25 V-1.35 V power consumption, an On-Die Error Correction Code (ECC), and a power management integrated circuit (PMIC) to provide reliably stable and uninterrupted gameplay at the highest resolutions while keeping its cool no matter how heated the competition gets.

For more information, visit the product pages of the XPOWER Zenith DDR5 and XPOWER Zenith RGB DDR5.

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