Intel Reveals Die Shot For Its 14th Gen Core “Meteor Lake-P” Featuring 6 Performance and 8 Efficient Cores

As we all know, the Intel 4 process technology which was previously widely acknowledged as the 7nm process technology, has passed for an advanced node which has left behind the Intel 7 (also known as the 10nm process technology). The Intel 7 is currently being featured on the Alder Lake chips. According to ComputerBase, the ultimate target for the Intel 4 is to achieve more than 20 percent higher clock rates, while maintaining the same power consumption.

Intel 4 Meteor Lake die

We have access to some of Intel’s slides from its upcoming presentation at the 2022 IEEE VLSI Symposium. As per these slides, the new process from Intel for its Meteor Lake chips is to be compatible with the company’s packaging technologies such as the EMIB or the FOVEROS. On top of this, Intel wants to use the extreme ultraviolet technology (EUV) and also achieve twice the High-Performance Library Area Scaling. The Meteor Lake is going to use the FOVEROS technology which makes it Intel’s first consumer architecture to base off a hybrid tile design.

Intel 4 Meteor Lake 1

Intel has recently revealed a die shot of the Meteor Lake-P, which is the company’s 14th Gen mobile chip. We see a new core configuration with 6 big Performance cores and 8 Small Efficient cores. This makes it an even more powerful variant as compared to the previous configuration which had only 2 Performance and 8 Efficient cores.

The entire package will come with four different tiles of graphics, x86 compute cores, SOC and I/O die on a  single interposer. Intel itself has confirmed, that the Meteor Lake is going to be the lead product for the Intel 4 process technology. This new architecture has already been booted at the company’s labs and will soon be validated.

The Intel Meteor Lake CPUs will launch towards the middle of 2023.

Intel 4 Meteor Lake 2

Via Computerbase