SilverStone Shows off Power Supply Line

SilverStone has been making smaller cases for a while now and the biggest thing with many of these cases is getting the correct power supply that will fit these cases. Well at CES 2015 SilverStone showed us their Power Supply line and how they have tried to make the units smaller to better fit their cases.

SilverStone is currently offering the smallest or shortest 1500 W, 750 W, 600 W units currently on the market. This means that you can get these high-wattage units into pretty much any case. They were also showing their Nightjar unit, which is completely fanless.

SilverStone Power Supplies

Moving on to their SFX units they have really sized things down on these as well. You can see the older version of the 500 W and the brand new 600 W that is much smaller! This makes installation in SilverStone’s smaller cases even easier. I really like it that SilverStone is making these units smaller to make installation easier and opening up room for other components.

SilverStone Power Supplies


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