SimCity 4 Megacity Has Over 100 Million Residents!

If you think you’ve built a massive city in SimCity over the years then you have to check out Peter Richie’s SimCity 4 project called Megacity One. The massive city built using 81 large city tiles, 26,542km of roads, 8,626km of subway lines and 324 hydrogen power plants has over 100 million people living in it, 107,658,254 to be exact!

SimCity 4 Megacity One

Taking this to the real world, the largest urban city in the real world is Tokyo-Yokohama has only 37 million residents. Now just imagine a city three times larger! Check out the video below to see how the city is setup and some of the impressive buildings.

Some interesting facts is that Megacity One has 512 water pumps, 486 waste management centers, over 2000 schools, 81 universities and 162 colleges. What’s even better is that Peter Richie built this city without the use of any mods at all. That’s 100% urban planning in SimCity 4, quite impressive!

Check out his interview with Motherboard here.

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