Skills every Web Developer should have

Would you like to work in a web development company ? This is a profession in high demand, as this profile is essential when creating any project on the Internet.

Those who work in the online world may need the services of a web designer. This is the expert who specializes in technical issues related to the creation of portals or online sites .

In order to work in this field, you need to have a series of skills that will identify you as a professional. Here we reveal them to you.

What are the skills that a web developer should have?

  1. Knowing the syntax according to the development area

By this we mean the skill or knowledge about the programming language that will allow you to do your job.

For example, in the event that we are talking about a simple dynamic web page, the minimum that the programmer will have to know is PHP + MYSQL , ASP and JavaScript .

The developer will have to know the syntax of each programming language to be able to use it correctly. And not only will it be enough to know how to program, but we will need to know how to optimize the code , reducing the number of lines to prevent the program from becoming heavy.

This can only be achieved with strong training and many years of experience hacking code behind us.

  1. layout

In general, in any web development it will also be necessary to take care of the development of a screen interface that will be displayed over the Internet (for example, through browsers such as Google Chrome or Firefox).

The developer must not only know the tools to create the code that will make the application functional, but must also develop an attractive and colorful interface to make it usable .

This is where we can find some of the most common standards, such as HTML5, CSS, CSS3 or JavaScript Frameworks.

  1. Integration

A mistake that many web developers who have just finished their studies make is to think that they will be in charge of developing the source code from scratch , for applications that do not yet exist.

However, what actually happens is that the applications are usually already created. In this case, the developer’s task will be to add modifications, adaptations and develop new functions from a created base.

Although this may seem simpler, it is not: the programmer must have enough knowledge and experience to understand the code in front of him and know how to start working.

You have to keep in mind that the source code is something very personal, and that each programmer can have a very particular style. If the developer is able to understand any type of code, he/she will be very likely to be hired..

  1. Application development in the Backend

We understand the Backend as those calculations or operations that are not shown on the screen. Instead, they will run on the server.

Today’s businesses often require application development in the backend. Thus, the developer must know how to manage recurring processes, cycles, create decision trees , as well as other related functions.

  1. Database design and management

Of course, the web developer will also have to deal with databases. Every programmer will have come across many DB subjects, so they will have to know how to create and handle them.

We are not only talking about creating basic databases with SQL technology, but also specializing in queries, working with Joins, Triggers, knowing how to create storage procedures , even knowing how to interconnect remote databases on cloud servers with servers local.

Here we could be talking about technologies such as MySQL, Oracle, Sybase, PostgreSQL or Mongo DB, among many others.

  1. Error monitoring

Regardless of whether the programmer has to take care of creating his own code, or has to work with third-party source code, he will not be able to avoid making mistakes.

Hence the importance of having the ability to be able to monitor those errors with the right tools.

When the test does not work well, the developer will have to know how to debug the code, both in relation to the FrontEnd and the BackEnd. Depending on the area in which you are working, the testing tool can be very different.

Those web developers who do not yet have much experience can have a really hard time debugging the code.

  1. Other skills

In addition to the skills already mentioned, the programmer will have to know:

  • Manage web servers.
  • Manage platforms.
  • Have knowledge about IT infrastructures.

We encourage you to assess each of these skills with a grade from 0 to 10 and thus you will be able to know your shortcomings. Only if you master these skills can you achieve your goal of working as a web developer.