Slides from Intel 13th Gen “Raptor Lake” Launch Presentation Leak

A handful of slides from Intel’s 13th Gen Core “Raptor Lake” launch press deck have just leaked thanks to Igor’s Lab. These slides reveal the processors that will debut at launch (there are six!) and some of the key differences between the previous “Alder Lake” platform and the new “Raptor Lake” platform. So starting with the six new processors we have the Core i9-13900K, i9-13900KF, i7-13700K, i7-13700KF, i5-13600K, and the i5-13600KF. The -K and -KF parts are identical to each other, but lack of integrated graphics with the -KF ones.

raptor lake leak 1

When it comes to power we get confirmation that 125W is the Processor Base Power for all six processors, with 253W being the Maximum Turbo Power value for the Core i9 and Core i7 K/KF parts, and 181W as the Maximum Turbo Power for the Core i5 K/KF SKUs. This is compared to the previous generation which had 241W MTP for the Core i9, 190W MTP for the Core i7, and 150W MTP for the Core i5.

raptor lake leak 2

Compared to Alder Lake, Raptor Lake increases the maximum core count to 8P+16E. The P-cores have been upgraded with higher IPC and L2 cache, while the E-cores are upgraded with higher L2 cache. The PCI-Express I/O from the CPU remains the same, you get 16 PCIe Gen 5 lanes for PEG and 4 PCIe 4 lanes for CPU-attached M.2 NVMe. Native DDR5 memory speed has been increased from DDR5-4800 to DDR5-5600.

raptor lake leak 3

When comparing Z690 and Z790 chipsets the chipset bus is the same at DMI 4.0 x8. But Z790 will give you 20x PCIe Gen 4 and 8x PCIe Gen 3 lanes, compared to the 12x PCIe Gen 4 and 16x PCIe Gen 3 we saw with Z690. When it comes to USB things are almost identical, but Z790 will give you five 20 Gbps USB 3.2×2 ports, instead of four on the Z690.

Intel is expected to announce the new 13th Gen Core “Raptor Lake” processors and accompanying Z790 chipset on September 27th.

Via Igor’s Lab

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