Smart Phones vs. Tablets: Gadgets on the Go

Not everyone likes to sit behind a desk in order to access the internet. For many, life is too hectic to ever truly sit down and do such a thing.

In this regard, here are two gadgets that are highly useful for those people who are always busy. Both the smartphone and the tablet are recent innovations in technology. Both make good use of the internet and are portable, so which is the best for your needs?


The modern tablet, put simply, comes with all the benefits of a smartphone. Whether you want apps, games or internet access, a tablet is a quick and easy method of accessing everything.

In terms of connectivity, tablets can access Wi-Fi for when you’re out. When you’re at home, it can use your standard broadband, essentially ensuring the tablet can make the most of whatever options are available.

Smart Phones

Of course, if you want something small and discrete, the smartphone fulfils this role perfectly. Whilst the smaller screen makes it less practical for work (for example, nobody is going to want a word processor on such a small screen any time soon), it’s helpful when you need to look something up.

With the added ability to make phone calls, it’s safe to say the smartphone is a constantly connected device that fulfils a range of purposes. Add in games, apps and internet access and you can see a fair trade-off for sacrificing the tablet’s larger screen.

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