SMS providers and virtual numbers, convenient tools for e-commerce marketing

Recent research has shown that text messaging for e-commerce is the most effective channel. This is the most appropriate way for consumers to engage with businesses.

Several thousand consumers from different countries took part in the survey that proved that 9 out of 10 consumers need some messaging to communicate to businesses. About 85% of consumers want to dialogue with companies or take part in conversations with them.

Contemporary methods and marketing techniques

Why is SMS marketing efficient? Text is ubiquitous. Most mobile users still prefer text to IM apps.

The text opens up many opportunities as far as customer engagement goes. The open rate of SMS is 98% when the available speed of email is only 30%. Texts are more personal; users perceive them as friendly conversations.

Text messages can reduce the number of customer requests to companies dramatically. The average percentage of reduced calls is about 20%. It takes less time to write text responses than an email.

The role of SMS providers and their services

SMS providers deliver the messages instantly. According to the stats, users open text messages less than two minutes after receiving them. That’s one of the reasons why SMS marketing is an excellent means for urgent offerings such as deals and discounts.

SMS can be integrated with other marketing channels. SMS marketing can be paired up with other marketing channels and guide consumers to your sales funnels.

SMS online providers allow users to register on various online services without giving away their personal phone numbers. Online marketers use lots of accounts on different ad platforms like Facebook Ads or Google Ads. So, they need to register lots of them. SMS online providers generate virtual sms numbers, which you can use to register accounts on social media.


OnlineSIM company allows private registration via virtual phone numbers. If you need to register another Facebook profile, first register an account on the OnlineSIM website so as not to use your personal phone number for this purpose.

Go to your account on the OnlineSIM website and select the service you need. Then copy the given phone number to your registration page on Facebook or Instagram. After that, you’ll see the confirmation code in your account on OnlineSIM. That’s it; use it just as usual verification code.

There’re several options for a short- and long-term phone number rent. The former allows you to register on one site only, and the latter gives you an opportunity for unlimited SMS messages from an unlimited number of websites.