Software and Websites to Improve Your Sports Betting

For many sports fans, betting is a way to add a bit of extra excitement to an upcoming derby. There are a select bunch who take betting seriously and who aim not to place bets based on preference, but on statistics and value.

With the global sports betting market expected to be worth $94 billion by 2024 and esports betting becoming more popular and accessible, there’s plenty of opportunity for the industry around it to develop. For serious value betters, this includes software and websites for finding an edge.

When it comes to making value bets, it’s important not only to understand the games, but also to find the best odds available. Value is achieved when the bookmaker lays odds that are favourable compared to the real odds of the outcome happening.

Oddschecker allows you to check the odds on a multitude of betting markets, such as the odds of the NBA Championship winners on various sites. This means you can always find the best price for the bet that you want to make. It’s the perfect starting point before you even start digging into the stats.

You would expect there to be thousands of options when it comes to betting software, but when it comes to programs that can provide a consistent output of value bets, well, it doesn’t really exist. If it did, no bookmaker or pro would readily share the knowledge, at least not without a nominal fee.

What exists instead, for the layperson at least, are websites and software that do some of the work. The most common, and important for the betting entrepreneur, is software for analysing stats.

Betting is all about information. The more information you have, the more likely you are to make informed decisions. The problem is, it’s nearly impossible for a human brain to keep up with the masses of data that a typical sports league generates.

Analytic software can be seen as a giant database of stats that the user can draw on to make more promising bets. Depending on the product, this data could include available betting lines, line movement, public betting percentages, as well as team and player data from previous games and seasons.

Predictive software such as Trademate Sports takes this one step further. The algorithms of predictive software run constantly, forever recording the data from leagues like football and the NBA, and then from this data presents something as close to the true odds as possible. In simple terms, it can pick out your bets.

Anyone serious about betting should also be tracking their action. It’s possible to do this manually using Excel spreadsheets, but software and apps such as Sharpside can make the process much easier. With these apps, you can track bets, profits and loss across individual sports and markets, allowing you to improve your betting as well as keep on top of your finances.

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