Is Monopoly Live As Good As It Says?

Monopoly Live is the newest live game in town. This game is one of the world’s most popular board games developed by software giant Evolution Gaming. This new special edition combines Evolution’s Dream Catcher Money Wheel with the world’s most beautiful board game and live online casino. Monopoly Live incorporates many unique game elements, 3D bonus rounds and amazing entertainment with chances of huge multiplier wins to players. The game is absolutely interesting with numerous innovative spinoff of its predecessor ‘Dreamcatcher’.

Pros of Monopoly Live

  • Impressive graphics and animations beautifully combined to form a real life experience.
  • Awesome winning potential that could possibly pay 10,000x the stake.
  • A chatty game host conversing with players and putting on a very exciting show.
  • Numerous interesting game features such as the chance card trigger and the board game bonus.
  • Wide range of bet sizes that appeal to every player (from $10 to $5000).
  • It offers players that Monopoly theme! Who doesn’t like playing this classic board game?

Cons of Monopoly Live

  • The RTP is low on certain bets (91.30% – 96.23%).
  • The volatility of the game ranges from low to high depending on how you are wagering.

Entertainment at its Peak

It doesn’t matter whether you have played money wheels before or not, you will easily master the techniques of playing Monopoly Live. It is a positive gaming experience that everyone can enjoy without effort. You will notice that the game has big wheels with the following position on it:

  • 4 roll bonus (1)
  • Chance Card (2)
  • 2 roll bonus (3)
  • Number 10 (4)
  • Number 5 (7)
  • Number 2 (15)
  • Number 1 (22)

You have the option of placing bets on any of these position types except the chance card. The four different numbers pay as much as their value. In other words a bet on number 1 will earn you a payout of 1:1 if hit, while a bet on number 5 will earn you a payout of 5:1.

The massive win potential is in the roll bonus positions and chance card.

Monopoly Live Payout and RTP

You can find Monopoly Live on almost all online casinos right now. The board games’ RTP ranges from 91.30% to 96.23%. Bets 4 rolls and 1, 5, 2 rolls fall below the theoretical RTP of 96.23% which limits the winning value. Each time you do a lap on the table (Pass Go), the table multipliers will double. The highest multiplier potential on a street with a hotel is a huge; 1000x.

The Verdict

This game is a must play. Despite that it was released a short time ago, it is already very popular amongst players in the casino  community and this says it all. However, there is only one major disadvantage to Monopoly Live, the RTP is a little bit low. While betting on number 10 and 2 earns you a RTP of 96% or more, the other bet options ranges from 91.30% – 93.90%.

Aside from the low RTP, the game is truly awesome and it is worth giving a try.

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