Valorant BETA keys now given away as Twitch Drops

RIOT Games have started giving Valorant BETA access to its stream views on Twitch. Interested people can get a chance to get a closed BETA key by watching Valorant streamers on Twitch who have TwitchDrops enabled for the game. To participate, viewers need to link their Twitch accounts to their Valorant accounts. BETA access is given to random viewers anytime during the day.

You have to sync your Twitch account with RIOT Games account. It also requires Valorant streamers to enable the drops. You can make sure by looking out for ‘drops enabled’ tag on gamer’s streams. Valorant BETA access drops is exclusive to Twitch.

New regions to be added soon

But it is the best way to get a good look at the game so far. Gamers in Europe, Canada, United States, Turkey, Russia and CIS countries. The studio did say they will add new region access, starting with Latin America, Brazil, Korea and a few others. The best way to be sure is to log in to RIOT Games and check if the game is listed under a region or a country. If you want a break from the game – you have a great opportunity to play in miami club, as well as see the best casino reviews on the RocketPayz website.

RIOT Games will ban those who sell accounts and use VPN to get around region locks. There have been reports where multiple accounts were banned since the of the closed BETA launch. The studio posted the number of optimizations and additions:

1. We’ve increased our current closed beta server loads by +25% to meet demand and are ramping up even more.


2. We know it hurts to be unlucky, so we went through a few thousand of the most engaged VALORANT stream viewers and manually gave access as a thank you. Thank you, your internet, and your eyeballs.


3. We have already banned a number of account sellers and are actively tracking more to ban.

Valorant BETA Community is growing positively

Unlike Day 1 launches for multiplayer games like Fallout 76 and No Man’s Sky which received heavy criticism for lack of content and a working game, BETA enables developers to work out the chinks in the armour on-the-fly. With people playing a game within a region, the BETA testing highlights a lot of flaws and ways to optimize a game. Developers get that in exchange for giving free but limited and gradual access to gamers. Based on observation, it also helps to build a community from an early stage. It also helps studios to create tailor-made rules for its community base. Twitch as a streaming platform as it helps to build a very large streaming community. In the future, Riot Games will have its Valorant tournaments and official podcasts to be Twitch exclusive to build an ecosystem.

Don’t forget! Its BETA so it’s going to have its in-game flaws. Expect a fair amount of frustrating moments! Remember, try to ragequit!

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