Sony announces PlayStation 5 price at $499, $399 for Digital Edition, messes up preorders

Sony held the PlayStation 5 showcase today, announcing the price of the next-generation console. Sony has priced the PlayStation 5 at $499, and the Digital Edition at $399. The consoles are set for a November 12 release.

Sony announced that the PS5 will be available in the US, Japan, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, and South Korea starting November 12. The global release has been set for November 19. The showcase also had demos from several games. The surprising bit is that Sony has announced many of the PlayStation 5 titles to be playable on the PlayStation 4 as well. In addition, a few of the games weren’t PlayStation exclusive either.

Sony also announced that the preorders would open up with due notice. However, they opened up as soon as the showcase ended. Fans have been angry and tweeting about this, and Android Central has rightly dubbed it as “an inexcusable mess”.

In addition to that, Sony also announced accessories.  DualSense Controller will cost $69.99, the PULSE 3D headset will cost $99.99. The HD Camera has a price tag of $59.99. Sony also has a Media Remote at $29.99, and a DualSense Charging Station, which priced at $29.99.

It looks like the stocks are very limited, and pre-orders are going to be messy for a while. Thoughts? Hit us up in the comments, down below!

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