Sony’s VAIO Pro Ultrabooks Unveiled

If you have still not recovered from the shock of Sony discontinuing its Z series, then it’s time to cheer up since Sony has just announced two flagship Ultrabooks which will surely compensate your loss of Z series. Vaio Pro 11 and Vaio Pro 13 are the two new models each weighing less than the Z series at 1.92 and 2.34 pounds respectively. In fact Sony confesses that it’s virtually the lightest touch screen Ultrabooks ever made. They last much longer on battery life and have an additional sheet battery that promises to double the battery life, giving 14 hours for Pro 11 and 13 hours of usage on Pro 13. Presuming both are faster having Haswell Processors.

Sony VAIO Pro

Sony will give you an option to choose among core i5 and core i7 processors with a screen resolution of 1080p including backlit keyboards and Exmor webcams. A couple of things we will miss in this version are the previously offered dedicated GPU and an optical drive. Sources say that these machines are much more affordable than the previous Z series.

Sony VAIO Pro

Both laptops are offering Sony’s ClearAudio+ Technology which proposes 4 audio presets and en equalizer for custom audio settings. In addition it also has the Wi-Fi router powered by the AC adapter which can be used with an Ethernet cable to create an individual Wi-Fi network supporting up to 5 devices.

The devices will be made available from June 9th while Pro 11 would be costing $1150 and above, Pro 13 will cost $1250 and up.

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Source: Sony | News Archive

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