SPARKLE Dual Fan Series Released

Sparkle, one of the leading manufacturers of graphics solutions today releases the powerful Dual Fan series– SPARKLE GTX 660 OC Dual Fan, GTX 650Ti Super OC(SOC) Dual Fan and GTX 650Ti OC Dual Fan. The latest Dual Fan series features default overclocked setting, with up to 1006MHz core speed, the Dual Fan series delivers turbocharged performance, maximizing the possibility of gaming effects.

Exceptional Dual Fan Cooling Design
Equipped with 4-pins PWM dual fan design, the SPARKLE Dual Fan series allows a low noisy level through automatically fan speed controlling by detecting GPU temperature, easily delivering superior cooling performance through ultra thin cooling fins fully covers the key components, enabling the most efficient heat dissipation effects. The latest series provides the ultimate overclocking gaming experience and the best cooling efficiency without any compromise.

sparkle dualfan

Game On with SPARKLE Dual Fan Series
The SPARKLE Dual Fan Series features low power consumption, enhanced power efficiency and low temperature, creating an environmentally friendly platform and a better user experience. Furthermore, the latest series supports all the key graphics technology- Microsoft DirectX 11, NVIDIA PhysX, NVIDIA CUDA, NVIDIA Surround and Adaptive V-Sync, allowing a HD entertainment experience like never before.

Model NAME Sparkle GTX660 OC Dual Fan Sparkle GTX650Ti Super OC Dual Fan Sparkle GTX650Ti OC Dual Fan
Core Clock 1006 MHz 1006 MHz 941 MHz
Memory Clock 6008 MHz 5400 MHz 5400 MHz
Memory Sets 2048MB GDDR5 1024MB GDDR5 1024MB GDDR5
Memory Bandwidth 192-bit 128-bit 128-bit
CUDA core 960CUDA cores 768CUDA cores 768CUDA cores
Bus Type PCI-Express 3.0 PCI-Express 3.0 PCI-Express 3.0
Output Interfaces Dual-link DVI-D +Dual-link-DVI-D + VGA+ HDMI Dual-link DVI-D +Dual-link-DVI-D + VGA+ HDMI Dual-link DVI-D +Dual-link-DVI-D + VGA+ HDMI

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