SpotCam HD Wi-Fi Video Monitoring Camera Review

Final Thoughts
After using the Spotcam for about a month now I do like it. It gives me added security to my apartment and peace of mind too. I know that if something is going on in my apartment and I’m not there I am going to get a new notification about it and I am able to view the camera in real time from just about anywhere on any device. All of that for only $119.99 at my favorite online retailer.

The Spotcam is easy enough to set up too, it took me only 5 minutes to get things up and running. The setup process is easy enough for anyone to understand and follow. I also like that the Spotcam comes with a 10 foot power cable to so can place the Spotcam far away from a power outlet and it does come with a wall-mount if you happened to want to mount it to a wall or ceiling. The stand is very sturdy and allows you to angle the Spotcam up or down for the best view.

With your purchase of the Spotcam you get free anytime live viewing of your Spotcam feed and 1 day of free recording. So that means everything in a 24-hour period is available for view. From this footage you can record video and save them. You can also set up motion, audio and an alert when the Spotcam goes offline. You will be alerted to these events via the Spotcam mobile app and e-mail.

The Spotcam is a little big for my liking and definitely sticks out no matter where you place it. The web interface and mobile app are a big sluggish and seem like they need a little more polish. Also I noticed in my recordings that there was a lot of static being picked up for some reason, it did not matter where I placed the Spotcam.

At the end of the day the Spotcam gets the job done and gives you peace of mind, for a lower cost than other competing products. There might be some trade-off’s but if you want to easily add a layer of security to your home or office Spotcam is a good choice. Overall ThinkComputers gives the SpotCam HD Wi-Fi Video Monitoring Camera an 8 out of 10 score.

– Easy setup
– Lower cost than competitors
– Mobile app and web interface
– Motion and sound alerts
– 1 day of free recording

– Web interface and mobile app could use some polishing
– Static on both the microphone and speaker
– A little larger than competing products

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