SpotCam Solo Pro Review

Setup & Usage

Getting the SpotCam Solo Pro set up is pretty easy. First you want to make sure each camera is charged up. Then go ahead and take the base station and plug it in to a power outlet. You are going to want to make sure the power outlet is by your router as you need to use the supplied Ethernet cable and connect it from the base station to your router. I was actually quite surprised by this as some of the other camera systems that I’ve reviewed that come with a base station allow you to connect the base station to your router wirelessly.

With the base station powered on and connected to your router you can go ahead and do the installation via the SpotCam mobile app. By adding a new device and following the on-screen directions I was able to get the cameras connected no problem.

During the installation process it does ask you to scan the QR code on the base station, which is a bit hard if you have it plugged into a power outlet that is hidden or behind something, so make sure that is accessible before you start the installation process.

Now just go ahead and place your cameras. While the omni-directional base is really good for placing the cameras on a wall, if you simply wanted to place them on a counter or shelf you can, but you can’t really angle them as they do not have a normal base.

SpotCam Solo Pro

Once you are in the SpotCam application you can see the list of your connected cameras and how much battery they have remaining. If you press on the play button on each camera you can see a live view.

IMG 6040 IMG 6041

You can also click on the gear above the live image to change your settings. There are quite a lot of different settings pertaining to the video quality, alerts, schedules, and more.

IMG 6042 IMG 6043 IMG 6044

One thing that I actually have always liked about SpotCam is that you can view your cameras from any browser by using SpotCam’s website. Many other companies only offer app access. Using your browser is much easier to navigate in my opinion.

spotcam website

Another thing that SpotCam does offer is 7 days of cloud storage. So the cameras will record up to 30 seconds each time an event is triggered. That recording is then sent to the cloud for you to access for up to 7 days. Of course you can install a microSD card in the base station for even more recording. If you are wondering about the quality of the cameras here is a quick video of some of the recordings I’ve captured over the past couple of weeks.

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