SpotCam Solo Pro Review

Final Thoughts

I think that SpotCam has done a pretty good job on the Solo Pro, but there are a few things that I would change. Let’s talk about the good first. The cameras themselves are completely wireless and do not require to be plugged into power. This is really ideal for situations where a power outlet is not available and really expands where you can install these cameras. I also really like that SpotCam does give you 7 days of cloud recording for free. So if something were to happen and you needed the footage it is always available on the cloud, for 7 days of course. If you want redundant backup the base station does have a microSD card which of course can store footage for longer.

The mobile app is pretty easy to use, but I do feel that it is a bit slower than others that I’ve used. I really like that SpotCam allows you to use their website to view and control your cameras. So many other cameras are app-only and for me it is much easier to view and make changes to my cameras on a browser rather than an app. The quality of the cameras is good and the 2-way audio worked good as well.

One of the main things I think SpotCam needs to change with this camera is how the base station connects to your network. You can only set these cameras up using an Ethernet connection. While I am actually a fan of having the Ethernet connection I can see how this could be more difficult for the end user. Most people haven’t even set up their own router and the idea of plugging a cable into it can be a bit daunting. I’ve had other cameras where you plug in the base station, connect to it via Bluetooth and then tell it what wireless network to connect to. I think this process is much easier for the end user as they don’t need to go find their router etc.

The omni-directional base works well, but only if you are really mounting these cameras to a wall or something similar. If you just want to place the cameras on a shelf or even a desk you can’t use the base and the camera just sits there with really no way to angle it how you want.

Being wireless means that you’ll need to keep these cameras charged. While charging them is easy, taking the camera down, plugging it in and charging it could get annoying. The battery life will really depends on how “busy” the area is where you are placing the camera. I set one of these cameras on my balcony facing a busy road and set my alerts to normal and the camera was low on battery in just a few days. So that is something you definitely want to keep in mind.

Right now you can pick up the two pack of the SpotCam Solo Pro for $299 at our favorite online retailer. Overall ThinkComputers gives the SpotCam Solo Pro an 8 out of 10 score.

rating8 10

– Cameras are completely wireless
– Mobile app works well
– Base station has a microSD card slot
– Good video and audio quality
– 7 days of free cloud recording
– Can view / control the cameras from any browser

– Requires an open Ethernet port on your router
– No real base for the cameras

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