Spotify Launches New Portal For Video Game Music

Spotify has really solidified itself as the best streaming music service out there. I am currently listening to Spotify as a write this post and I am a huge fan of their curated playlists. They have just launched a new gaming portal where you can find soundtracks to your favorite games and more.

Many games have amazing soundtracks so being able to find them easily is pretty awesome. Looking at the game soundtracks they have there I spotted No Man’s Sky, Halo 1-5, Mega Man, Mirror’s Edge, Destiny, Grand Theft Auto V, Fable and more! There really is quite a large selection of video game soundtracks.


Besides game soundtracks there are also featured playlists for the perfect gaming session and curated playlists by gamers like Day[9], a super popular StarCraft personality, and from people working at Engadget and Polygon.

Spotify has actually setup a dedicated website for the gaming portal which you can check out here.

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