Spotlight on Karamba: Your new go-to app for casino games

These days there are so many online casino apps and websites; it is often hard to know which one to download. Today we will review Karamba, one of the most comprehensive casino gaming applications available.


On days when it’s gloomy outside, most of us just want to sit indoors with a cup of tea, and something to entertain us. With no more Great British Bake-Off on telly, you are bound to need something to fill your time. Karamba is the perfect app for hours of entertainment without having to put on your wellies and leave the house! Karamba is an application that you can download for your iPhone or iPad. It has many games on offer, so you are bound to find a couple of games that tickle your fancy. The games available on this one centralized application include video poker, slot machines, scratch cards, and roulette. The best part is that by playing these games, you stand the chance of winning real money – and who doesn’t want some extra quid?

Karamba not only provides an easy and accessible platform for myriad casino games, it also offers you some additional rewarding features. As a newcomer to Karamba, you get 100 free spins, as well as up to 200 Pounds Match Up Bonus on the first deposit you make. This can really help you maximize your winnings: putting more Pounds in your pocket!

The fact that Karamba is designed as a mobile application makes playing the games you love convenient with no hassle at all. You can play while at home, on the tube, or while waiting in queues. It’s so easy, and that is why so many people are such ardent fans! With many games to choose from, you always have the opportunity to try something new, or switch games depending on your mood! You can choose the duration of your game too, so whether you have half an hour to kill on your daily commute, or just five minutes to de-stress between meetings, you can make this versatile app work for you and your lifestyle.

We love the fact that there is a super qualified support team that is there all the time to help you with any issues you may be facing; and you are always assured to get a swift response and fair treatment from them. There are also different payment options available, and we like being given this choice so that we are able to choose an option most convenient to us at any given time. If you are new to a specific game, you are also given the option to play in demo mode, while you get accustomed to the rules and strategy. This is a very nice touch, as it allows you to branch out from your comfort zone without losing money.

Technology has come such a long way since our childhoods, has it not? Now, with touch screens, the interactive nature of playing these games is heightened beyond belief. You may not be in a real casino, but with being able to spin and touch, it sure does feel like it!

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