Star Wars Battlefront Will Have More Guns in Final Release

The Star Wars Battlefront beta has been a lot of fun to play over the past weekend! EA actually extended the beta one more day so you could have got in some good matches till about 11 AM EST today. One of the biggest complaints for the game was that there was a very limited amount of guns in the game, just 4 actually.

Star Wars Battlefront

Community Manger for the game Sledgehammer70 confirmed via Twitter that there will be “a heck of a lot more” in the final release. The screenshot above actually already confirms the EE-3 carbine rifle, which is the gun used by Boba Fett.


I would not expect full customization’s on the guns in the game like we have on Battlefield 4 as these aspects are quite limited within the Star Wars Universe. If you wanted to know more about the guns that were in the beta Reddit user VoiD_Glitch has created this document.

Star Wars Battlefront is expected to November 17, 2015 in North America, and November 19, 2015 in Europe.

Source: WCCFTech | News Archive

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