Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer 2!

“Chewie we’re home.” -Han Solo

And I couldn’t have said it better myself! As a self confessed Star Wars snob there are few things that give me as much excitement and dismay as the upcoming release of a new flick.

When the franchise was sold to Disney we all new that new films would be coming, but we just didn’t know if that was a good thing. The fact is that the creator, George Lucas, is no longer apart of the film making. And while this could be really good for the series, (see Episode 1) it could also kill the feel of the originals. My second concern was in regard to the films staying true to Star Wars cannon. If nothing else, Lucas Arts held an iron grip on what was allowed to be written in regards to the franchise and characters. As a result this kept the new stories from contradicting the old. It has also made it possible for us to really get to know and love the characters that make up this amazing galaxy far far away.

Now that Disney is in charge do they care about the things that have made so many of us into lifelong fans? Fast forward to April 16, 2015 and we have the release of the second official trailer to Star Wars Episode VII!

While the first trailer gave us a small taste and a feel for the theme of the film, it of course did not flesh out any details or give us that broad of an idea of what may be going on. The second trailer really expands our understanding of the conflict we are looking forward to. If the story follows official lore, it appears that we are still in the time frame when the recently broken Empire is trying to reclaim the Galaxy from our rebel friends (New Republic now maybe?). We see plenty of storm troopers, x-wings, and tie fighters to really give us that feeling of nostalgia. And of course we see a bit more action from the Millennium Falcon still evading tie fighters. Back from The Force Awakens trailer 1 is what appears to be a masked Sith or perhaps devotee to the deceased Emperor, only time will tell? It also seems that we are going to get an introduction to at least one new Jedi or Padawan who seems to be related to Luke and Leia.

Force Awakens Trl2

Toss into the mix Rogue Squadron and a city sized star destroyer crashed into a dessert setting (Tattooine??) and it is with no small amount of apprehension, that I am getting very very excited. Here’s to hoping J.J. Abrams gets this one right, and may the force be with you!

Source: YouTube | News Archive