Stealth Launches 26-inch 1080p Industrial Display

There is a simple fact that when a company launches its displays, it’s not mandatory that all are being utilized by the IT companies, sometime they are also being used by the factories, shops, companies and organizations etc. Stealth is a leading company when it has come to production of industrial computers and peripheral markets.

Stealth 26-inch 1080p Display

Stealth computer has just introduced one of its new LCD monitor models called the SV-2600W-PM acquiring an attractive 26 inch display with full industrial high definition display (1920x1080p). This newly introduced model is currently Stealth’s largest industrial model to date. The LCD is ecologically sealed to NEMA 4/IP65 specs giving out maximum protection from dirt, wet, dampness and hostile operating environments. This monitor is actually designed in way that it makes use of the LED technology as a backlight for maximum efficiency of energy giving an adequate 350 nits (CD/m2) of brightness. It is also well equipped with a capable touch screen along with VGA and DVI-D outputs.

The LCD is made for maximum user friendliness when it comes to its installation. It can be very easily installed without drilling multiple holes. You simply need to attach the steel brackets and there you go!

These LCDs are basically build to withstand the harsh environment it can go through in industries, factories, security and defense markets etc.

Stealth’s new SV-2600W-PM 26” panel is currently shipping with a price tag of $2,195. Besides this Stealth is also dealing in 25” to 24” sized panels.

Source: Stealth | News Archive