Steam Now Lets You Try Games for 90 Minutes!

Valve is always working to enhance Steam by introducing new games, features, and tools that benefit both players and sellers. One such development is the Steam Deck, which eliminates the need for a laptop and lets you carry your game library with you everywhere you go. Just recently, another exciting feature has been announced.

There’s a slight difference between game demos and game trials. Demos typically offer a small portion of the game, giving players a chance to try it out before deciding whether to purchase it (as seen in the Street Fighter 6 Demo). On the other hand, game trials provide access to the entire game for a limited time period, after which you have to either buy it or uninstall it. Nintendo has used this approach before, as with ARMS. Now, Steam has introduced game trials as a new feature, giving users the opportunity to test out a game before deciding to buy it, so they can make a more informed purchase decision.

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The initial game to feature a 90-minute trial is Dead Space Remake. With the introduction of Steam Game Trials, players now have the opportunity to enjoy 90 minutes of gameplay in the applicable game without any cost before being prompted to make a purchase. Although it’s a relatively brief duration, it offers players a chance to experience the game’s opening and assume the role of Isaac Clarke as he embarks on his journey into the USS Ishimura. To progress beyond that point, players will need to buy the full game.

To access the free trial for Dead Space, all you need to do is locate the game on the Steam Store and click the button labeled “Try Dead Space – Free Trial.” The store page will indicate the duration of the trial period, not including the time required for installation. It’s worth noting that Dead Space is a high-profile game and being the first one to offer a trial period raises the question of what will come next.

The offer gets even better if you decide to purchase the game, as it’s currently on sale at a 20% discount on Steam until May 29th, 2023, which amounts to roughly $47.99 USD. It’s not clear whether EA Play members can access the trial period. Additionally, it’s important to note that PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S users are not eligible for the free trial, and the sale price is exclusive to Steam and not available on other platforms.