Steam Now Supports PS5 DualSense Controller

In case you have bought yourself a new PS5, and you want to use its DualSense controller on your PC, what to do?. Don’t worry, Steam already announced the DualSense Support, and Kai Powell even created a guide for connecting the controller with PC games.

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The situation gets even better as Steam Input API has added official support for DualSense controllers making it easier for you to set up and configure the controller for PC games like Death Stranding and Horizon Zero Dawn. Due to addition, most of the controller’s basic features are also supported.

Below is the official release note for DualSense being added to Steam Input API:

1. Seamless player experience with correct glyphs for all devices, including any remapping.

2. Support for advanced features such as motion controls, rumble, trackpads, additional buttons.

3.Updates just work. Without any additional work required of the developer, when new features and/or devices are added to the API, they will “just work” with these titles.

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The reason why Steam quickly rolled out support for DualSense than other controllers is the increasing number of people using controllers to game on their PCs. As per Steam, the number has doubled in the past year, 60% of PC users are choosing controllers over mouse and keyboard.

Unfortunately, the DualSense support is currently confined to Steam beta users only but it will be made available for everyone soon. Let’s hope that support for other features like adaptive triggers will be added soon.