Steam Offering Refunds For Batman Arkham Knight After Second Failed PC Launch

We told you last week when Batman Arkham Knight was re-released that it was still broken, and now Steam has officially announced that it is offering refunds for the game. If you are new to this story Batman Arkham Knight was launched for PC in late June, but then was shortly pulled from Steam because of many different bugs and issues. The game relaunched last week and promised a smooth, playable game, apparently that was not the case!

Batman Arkham Knight

When the game was re-launched on Steam last week it has a $10 price reduction ($49 from the original $59). In no time bugs were reported and it seemed like the game had not been fixed at all. The Steam refund will accept refund claims up until December 2015 and of course this only covers people who bought the game and “paid for it” with Steam. For those who purchased the physical media or through other means are not covered here.

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