Steelseries Introduces Alias Gaming Microphones

It’s a historic day for SteelSeries, as we pave our way into a new gaming peripheral category. Join us. The days of off-the-shelf generic mics rebranded for gaming are done. It’s finally here: a microphone fully dedicated to gaming and streaming. The dedication we have for our audience inspired us to create a product that pushes content creators and streamers—an ever-increasing portion of gaming enthusiasts—to even greater heights. Sound is an integral element of connecting with your viewers, and no matter how good your stream layout looks, bad audio will short-circuit your engagement.

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It’s time to examine your current setup. The reasons to switch to Alias are many, but we sure have a big one: we believe bigger is better. With a 1″ premium capsule that’s 3x bigger than competitors’, your voice is captured with more fidelity, and it gives you the positioning freedom you need to express yourself. Alias is powered by Sonar: your all-in-1 sound studio for controlling all aspects of livestream audio production. Multiple apps multiply the mess and creates points of failure. With Sonar you get a single app that helps you easily mix and route the sound of your apps and personalize the sound of your mic with ClearCast AI noise cancellation and a powerful 10-band equalizer. No more hiding that pretty face behind the mic. The deep, rich vocals is but one reason to go with Alias. Let’s dive in.

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Introducing the Alias
Designed from the ground up for gamers, elevate your content with a broadcast-quality mic, Alias—whether you’re streaming, making YouTube videos, recording spicy audiobooks, or just yelling at friends over Discord.

SteelSeries Alias

  • Bigger Sounds Better—the capture capsule is 3x bigger than those found on competing mics. The quality and area of capture are incomparably better, resulting in pure, unparalleled voice delivery.
  • Cardioid Pattern—unshackle your hype. Get wild. Alias will capture your voice no matter what.
  • Sound Pro Without Being Pro—Sonar Software has everything you need to control incoming and outgoing audio. Adjust every mix separately with a super easy drag ‘n’ drop app routing interface and take advantage of AI noise cancellation to spare your listeners’ ears.
  • LED Level Monitoring—no more talking while accidentally muted. A red X marks the spot on the mic, reminding you to toggle it. Also, the LEDs instantly give you feedback on whether you’re too quiet or if you’re killing it (a little too much) with your voice.
  • Shock Mount—part of the included desk stand, the Shock Mount minimizes the sound of desk bumps and other, uh, “vibrations” that might occur from your hot streak with this Shock Mount. Also, the Alias is compatible with a boom arm!

Introducing the Alias Pro
You’re looking to go all out. With the Alias Pro, it’s worth it. Supercharged with a pro-grade XLR connection and equipped with the Stream Mixer to offer a new level of command, wow your audience with a higher level of quality. You’re already getting what the standard Alias offers: a capsule to capture all your excitement, the all-powerful Sonar Software, but there’s more.

SteelSeries Alias Pro

Everything you need to single or dual PC stream is included right in the box—no additional tools required. The XLR connection is a universal standard, so Alias Pro is compatible with other sound equipment like hardware mixers that you may own already.

  • XLR Cable Connection—the professional standard used in broadcast devices, ensures a signal that’s more balanced and less prone to noise and static.
  • Stream Mixer—that XLR cable connects to your new friend. This is a handy tool with informative LED lights to check your audio levels at a glance and provides RGB for ambiance.
  • Customizable Controls—the handy Stream Mixer features customizable controls; adjust a selected fader and mute with a quick press
  • Dual PC Streaming—looking to stream audio over two PCs? It’s easy. Skip the complicated steps with Alias Pro. Two USB cables + Sonar does all the heavy lifting for you.
  • Shock Mount—just like the regular Alias, the included desk stand features a Shock Mount to reduce vibrations, with the option to setup a boom arm.

It’s time to go bigger and drown out the rest. Whether you choose the standard Alias or the XLR-enhanced Alias Pro, it’s a new day for your content creation endeavors.

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