Stunning Simulation Games for PC

One genre of gaming that really shines on PC, are the simulation games. There’s just something wondrous about sitting down in a comfy chair, using a mouse and keyboard, and sinking a few hours tactically using your brain to achieve a goal. Though there were examples of the genre before its release, the true explosion of simulation games can be traced back to game designer Will Wright, and his seminal Sim City, which was launched in 1989.

Interestingly as well, a study that was done in 2009 found that adolescents who played Sim City 2000 had a better understanding of government officials, and more realistic expectations of what their job entails. So, you can easily convince yourself that simulation games are actually making you wiser, whilst you enjoy them.

Let’s have a look at some of the stunning simulation games out there for PC.

Microsoft Flight Simulator

Most people have dreamed that they could fly, and aside from going to pilot school for years, Microsoft Flight Simulator is the closest thing to finally being able to soar through those skies. The series goes back to the eighties, with entries only coming along every few years. The newest of them came out in 2020, and is an absolute spectacle to play.

It uses data from Bing Maps, and Microsoft Azure’s AI, to digitally render the entire Earth. That means from big cities to small villages, all of it is capable to be flown over. This enables you to go sightseeing over your local neighbourhood, so you can even try and see your own house. The physics in the game are hyper-realistic too, with each in-game plane handling exactly how they would in the real world.

Obviously with this much detail in the game, it takes much more than a basic PC to run it. You will need some serious kit to allow the game to run super smoothly, with all of its lush scenery. Yet there are so many fans of the game, that it was expected to generate $2.6 billion in hardware sales, as users seek to make sure their PC is capable of running it.

Football Manager

The Football Manager series has been going for a long time, with the first game being released under its previous moniker, Championship Manager, in 1992. The latest release in the series, Football Manager 2021, allows you to become a manager in the world’s most popular sport, soccer and lets you oversee everything, from signing players, right down to how you conduct yourself in interviews with the greedy media.

The depth of the game is truly remarkable, with the number of stats and data on the show being unparalleled in gaming. In fact, some staff at real-life soccer teams have admitted that when they need to scout a position, they’ll log onto the game first to see what options there are for their needs.

It’s a tricky game to dip into though, especially for newcomers, so we recommend choosing one of the most financially strong teams at first, so you can easily buy the players you want. Teams like French giants Paris Saint-Germain, who are one of the favourites for the Champions League this season, are perfect for this.

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The Sims

The past two entries have been quite a niche, but what happens if you want to simulate an actual entire life? Well, Electronic Arts made that possible from 2000, with their remarkable game series The Sims. It allows you to create a virtual person and live their life, however you see fit. Want them to grow up to become mayor of the town? Go for it. Want them to dwindle in isolation and become a bitter and twisted loner? Might need to ask yourself some searching questions as to why, but sure, that’s possible too.

The latest release is Sims 4, which features a big graphical makeover and new elements, such as the ability to make your Sim travel across different neighbourhoods, and more emotion driven gameplay. Don’t forget to check out the best expansion, game, and stuff packs, to make the game virtually limitless.