Successful blog: easy guide in 2022

Suppose you create engaging content and want to share it with your audience. It’s time to start blogging! In today’s world, blogging can be both a hobby and a core profession, as well as a lucrative business. Let’s talk in detail about how to create a successful blog in 2022.

Why should you start a blog?

With a blog, you have the opportunity to spread the word about yourself, your business, and your values. It will help other people learn something new, come to unusual conclusions or inspire development in their field. In addition, you will be pumping up your skills and monetizing them. Finally, by creating a personal brand, you will be able to meet like-minded people, new friends, as well as customers and business partners.

Here’s how you start a blog.

Find your niche

It’s like a challenge today to find a blogging niche to be first in, but that shouldn’t stop you.

  • Choose the topic you are passionate about

It will be great if the main topic of your blog becomes the conditional “style of your life”: what fascinates you, what you are good at, what you have been doing for many years and what you are an expert in. There may be several topics. Ask yourself what you can tell competently and in an interesting way. This will become the basis for blog positioning.

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  • Give the name of your blog

The name of your blog is the first thing visitors see on your page, so it should reflect the essence of your profile. It attracts the attention of your audience and stimulates their curiosity to visit your blog. Don’t use long descriptive names because they distract the reader’s attention. They need to remember you!

On top of that,  you can add at least one keyword in the title for further promotion in the network, which will contribute to a stable increase in audiences.

Monitor your competitors’ blogs, watch their names to know exactly which phrases you shouldn’t repeat and what ideas you can use.

Resolve technical issues

When you have done these steps, you need to pay attention to the following things:

  • Choose a blogging platform

Choosing the right website for your blog can help you create the following materials and raise brand awareness. A good blogging platform should meet your needs and requirements. Moreover, you need to choose a platform with monetization options that can work for you.

Pay special attention to how algorithms work and which tools will speed up the promotion. Most platforms have courses, guides, and useful articles from developers that will help you understand the tools. If you are looking for a multifunctional platform, CMS Hub is right for you, Wix will help you with ready-made templates, Weebly will be the easiest to use, and Medium is great for writing to a built-in audience.

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  • Select a domain name

Not only the blog title should be memorable, but the domain as well. Choosing a name that is easy to remember and write would be the best, so keep it as short as possible. It’s not recommended to include more than three words in the domain name.

On top of that, when choosing a domain, make sure that your competitors don’t have a similar name. If you are short of ideas, try some domain generator tools such as Domains Bot and Bust A Name.

Write and publish blog posts

Since a blog is a so-called online magazine, which regularly publishes interesting materials, you shouldn’t forget about engaging content.

  • Create a content plan

If you face the sudden disappearance of ideas, a content plan will be a handy tool. This is a schedule of publications with a specific topic, date, and time, which are arranged in a certain sequence.

To begin with, clearly state why you want to publish content regularly and what your goal is. For instance, it can be 50 applications per week to purchase your services. After goal detection, you need to identify the target audience. Based on your goal and audience, you’ll have more ideas for content making. Always try to alternate informational content with entertainment, selling content with engaging, and so on. Experiment, analyze, and decide which posts are successful and which are not very popular.

  • Pay attention to SEO

Most blogs have commercial goals such as selling goods and services. Search engine optimization helps bring more users to your blog. So try to find keywords using a keyword research tool like Google Keyword Planner or Google Analytics, and then figure out how best to rank them.

It’s important to understand what blog posts most users are looking for. This is called search intent estimation. To do this, enter a keyword in Google and look at the search results. Use this data to choose winning blog post formats and their presentation.

  • Don’t forget about design

The interest of potential subscribers largely depends on the design of your page, so try to create an attractive visual. If you can’t choose one or another type of design, choose a few blogs that you like to get inspired.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with your color palette. To do this, we recommend creating a color scheme that you will use in the future when directly creating a blog.

Promote your content

When it comes to promoting your blog, your head is spinning. Nevertheless, there are many effective ways to do this.

  • Share on social media

Social networks can help you a lot. To get started, highlight the best articles and use intriguing headlines so that your audience wants to read and share your content. You can share different posts on a regular basis at the right time. Monitor and analyze statistics to identify those times.

Don’t forget to integrate your social networks with the blog, but don’t use a lot of buttons, as it can sometimes slow down the loading speed of your platform.

  • Include a link in your email signature

Another powerful way to promote your blog is email signature marketing. It’s one of the most underrated tactics, but it allows you to promote your blog in every email you send. When you include your latest posts in your email signature, a recipient gets reminded of your content and hopefully will pay a visit while opening your email. Make sure that the post listed in the link is really noteworthy and contains interesting content for those who open it.

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Do you want to save time and use a professionally made signature? Create your new signature with the help of an email signature generator and insert links that will lead recipients to your social media profiles. Don’t hesitate to experiment with these email signature examples to make your best one.

  • Create a newsletter

A newsletter is another great tool for your blog promotion. With its help,  you’ll be able to gather a base of regular readers and stay in touch with the audience.

Experiment with different kinds of structures for your newsletter. Create a few designs and test which one is met the best by  your audience.


A blog is not only a platform for finding potential customers and like-minded people but a great opportunity for personal growth. Find what you are passionate about and be consistent with what you do. Learn how to promote your blog properly. Try the power of social media and email signature marketing, network, and use every opportunity you see to spread the word about your brainchild. Good luck!