Sumo Lounge Gamer Microsuede Beanbag Review

During my testing period I used The Gamer for a couple of long movie sessions as well as several long console gaming sessions over the course of several weeks. Initially the chair is really comfortable. As you flop down, the foam beneath you compresses letting you sink significantly deep. That initial sink is just as nice as my memory foam mattress, it really is quite enjoyable. The suede fabric of the cover is nice and soft while also quite durable, it remains that way still.

The chair is quite comfortable for about the first hour. At that point I started to notice the lack of neck support as well as the fact that the foam my butt and back were initially in contact with has compressed to the point where it’s become slightly uncomfortable. I think I am a pretty average sized person, 5’10” 165 lbs, and the lack of neck support was a pretty big bummer. There are a couple things to try to fix these issues. For the neck I would slouch down so my head rested on the back portion of the chair. This would work for some time until that became uncomfortable for my back and I had to sit back up. For the foam simply get out of the chair and roll it around like a large ball. Doing so fluffs the foam a bit and rotates it around.

Final Thoughts
Sumo has been in the giant foam bean bag furniture business for some time now and they certainly know what they are doing. You would be hard pressed to find a bag chair made with as much perfection and quality. Simply dismiss any thoughts remaining from your childhood of stiff foam filled bags that inevitably tear spilling foam all over. Indeed The Gamer is a high quality product both in material and build quality. The foam Sumo uses is equally as comfortable as the memory foam mattress I sleep on every night. As for the suede cover I found it to be as comfortable as it was durable; superb. Of course for such a high quality product you expect to pay, especially when it comes to furniture. The Gamer while on the lower end of Sumo’s product line is still an investment at $219. Consider though that any single piece of furniture is going to cost you many times this.

Really the most disappointing part of this review was discovering that the shape of this chair in particular just wasn’t comfortable long term. Perhaps the target market for this product is a smaller individual, I could see it working well for someone closer to 5’ or less.

Overall would like to award Sumo’s The Gamer chair with a 9 out of 10 score.

rating9 10

– Great materials
– Excellent build quality.
– Easily assembled

– Not comfortable long term for all body types