Raijintek AURAS 12 RGB Fans Review

Currently in the realm of RGB fans there are quite a lot of different options to choose from. We are continuing our exploration of those different options with Raijintek’s AURAS 12 RGB fans. These are Raijintek’s first RGB fans and they feature an O-type LED ring around the frame which has your RGB LEDs inside. You control the LEDs and the fan speed of these fans via the included controller box. Being only $42.99 for the 3-pack with the controller these fans are one of the more affordable options out there. Let’s see if they are worth it!

Special thanks to Raijintek for providing us with the AURAS 12 RGB Fans to review.

auras 12 specs

The AURAS 12 come in a pretty basic package that has the product name on the front and it lets us know that they feature 256 colors.

Raijintek AURAS 12 RGB Fans

Flipping over to the back you’ll find a picture of the fans in action and a full list of specifications.

Raijintek AURAS 12 RGB Fans

Getting everything out of the box you’ll find three AURAS 12 fans, the controller box, 4 screws for each fan, and mounting adhesive tape for the controller box.

Raijintek AURAS 12 RGB Fans

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