Sumo Lounge Gamer Microsuede Beanbag Review

As techies and nerds we spend countless hours obsessing over our gear. Days on end are spent perusing review sites and spec sheets, always trying to have the best silicon we can get our hands on. In lieu of time with friends and family we search and search to be sure we are getting the best frame rates we can afford coupled with the most perfect sound reproduction the budget allows. And if you’re like me this extends beyond the PC into all forms of tech. Funny that we dedicate so much to plastic bits while reserving our physical comfort as an afterthought. Today I will challenge you to shift some of your focus and budget to making your body a bit more comfortable. We’re taking a look at a chair, specifically the Sumo Gamer Microsuede bean bag. This foam filled bag is a serious piece of comfort tech; follow along as we find out if it’s worth it.

Special thanks to Sumo for providing the Gamer Microsuede for review!

– The Gamer Video Game Chair Measures 48″ X 48″ X 30″
– 50 pounds
– Removable microsuede bean bag cover zips off to machine wash
– Many snazzy colors to choose from for your video game furniture
– This bean bag chair stays fluffy and full, will never go flat
– Filled with 100% Superior SumoFoam
– Perfectly sized for “kids” of all ages

At 50 pounds, The Gamer will thump to your doorstep with considerable authority. Packaged in a standard unassuming brown box you might not think they shipped you the correct chair with how small the box is.

Sumo Lounge Gamer Microsuede Beanbag

Inside the box you’ll find a couple things, the first and most obvious is a large navy blue bag containing the chair. Additionally you’ll find a snap on pouch to hold your remotes, and the cover which should be the color you ordered your chair in. Of course there is also a sheet with assembly instructions.

Sumo Lounge Gamer Microsuede Beanbag Sumo Lounge Gamer Microsuede Beanbag

We did find that there were some stains on the outside of the chair bag, but then that is the purpose of the bag. Other than the light staining everything appears to be in order.

Sumo Lounge Gamer Microsuede Beanbag