Sunbeam Automation Mid Tower Case Review

Final Thoughts
I have always like Sunbeam cases and I really do like the Automation, even though I did encounter some problems with it. The biggest problem would have to be the side panel fan. I was not able to install the side panel back on the case because the side panel fan was interfering with my CPU cooler. Is it the CPU cooler’s fault? Well it could be as it is quite a large CPU cooler, but we had no problem installing this system in a few other cases with side panel fans. If you have a smaller CPU cooler you won’t have this problem though. Another thing people may not like is that this case has no tool-less systems at all, that means using screws for everything. I did not mind this, but some people might.

Like I said I like the Automation, especially because the design is very attractive. The black glossy finish really stands out and having windows on both sides is a definite plus. The cooling system is good and the blue LED fan will light up the front of your case. I just wish Sunbeam would have made this case a little stronger. While the aluminum design makes the case very light, it seems Sunbeam has used some very cheap aluminum. You could easily break and bend the case by removing and installing the side panels.

I found the Automation online for around $120, which isn’t bad considering it does have an all aluminum design, but on the other hand you can get a Thermaltake Xaser VI MX for the same price. Overall ThinkComputers gives the Sunbeam Automation Mid Tower Case a 7 out of 10 score.

– All aluminum design
– Stylish all glossy look
– Cool blue LED fan
– Front ports

– Side panel fan prevented me from reinstalling the side panel after system installation
– Cheap aluminum
– Plain jane internal design

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