Swedish High Schools Add eSports To Their Curriculum

eSports has grown tremendously over the past few years! With tens of millions of players in games like League of Legends and DOTA2 and tournaments with prizes ranging in the millions eSports seems like it is here to stay this time. Even if you are a huge supporter of eSports you wouldn’t think that it would make its way to the high school classroom, but it has in Sweden.


Besides South Korea, eSports is most popular in Sweden as it is the home of many professional gaming teams, the most famous being Schroet Kommando or “SK” as they are known by most people. So it is no surprise that three high schools in Sweden will be adding eSports to their curriculum in upcoming semesters.

These eSports classes will be handled much like athletic classes with school-established teams, rooms dedicated to practice and study, as well as guest lectures from professionals and others within the eSports community.

Magnus Alehed, principal of one of the schools introducing the new courses, said part of the idea was to vanquish the stigma with which contemporary society holds video games. “We’re looking to dispel the myth that this would be a bad thing and it is about respect for this group of students,” Alehed said.

What do you think of eSports being a real class in high school? I am all for it as I would have loved to have had classes like this when I was in school!

Source: Kotaku | News Archive

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