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Corsair SP2500 High-Power 2.1 PC Speaker System Review

A couple of weeks ago when Bob was unboxing the Corsair SP2500 High-Power 2.1 PC Speaker System he made mention of how large they were. I really did not think that much of it until I went to pick up the speakers up from Bob's place I thought he was having me review a 21 inch CRT monitor. The box is that huge. Most of the time people can claim that a 2.1 system is small enough to be semi-portable. This system, by definition is the exact opposite. Heavy and Huge. I was excited to get these boys home to hook up and play with them. Lets see what that play session yielded.


Corsair SP2200 2.1 Speaker System Review

Okay, Corsair, you’ve gone too far. First you dabbled in Power Supplies and then Computer Cases, but this time you’ve crossed the line and provided us with reasonably priced Speakers!? Whoever would have thought that the prominent solid state memory producer would ever venture into the speaker market? Surely, I didn’t. Today we take a look at the Corsair SP2200 2.1 Speaker System; a 46Watt 2 Satellite, 1 Sub, Ball-O-Fire. Corsairs’ website proclaims that these speakers are, “Designed for gamers and media enthusiasts who want a compact 2.1 speaker system that doesn't take a lot of space. It delivers big gaming sound in a small package.” Today at ThinkComputers we find out how true that statement actually is.


Antec Soundscience Rockus 3D 2.1 Speaker System Review

We all know Antec for making great PC cases and power supplies.  We all know someone with an Antec case and that just shows the quality of their products.  Antec knows a lot about making cases and power supplies, but when I heard they were going to making speakers a was a little bit skeptical.  We have seen so many companies just use an OEM to get into another market, and what comes out is a very poor product.  Luckily Antec is not one of those companies, they introduce you to Soundscience an Antec subsidiary that is set to produce audio and video lifestyle products.  Their first product is the Rockus 3D 2.1 Speaker System and we have them up on the testing block today.


Eagle Arion 2.1 iDock Speakers with Subwoofer Review

You will find iPod speakers everywhere, but which ones actually sound good? With all these brands out there it is hard to know if these speaker sets are even worth getting. Our friends at Eagle, who already sent us their <a href="http://thinkcomputers.wpengine.com/index.php?x=reviews&id=1013">Soundstage speakers</a>, also make an iPod speaker system called the iDock. The iDock features a dedicated subwoofer unlike many iPod speaker systems, so let's see if it's worth picking up.


Hercules XPS 2.1 50 2.1 Speakers Review

2.1 speaker sets-the kind with two satellite tweeters and a single subwoofer-are very popular with those whose hardware doesn't support 5.1 or 7.1 audio, or those who simply don't have room for those elaborate setups. Hercules' XPS 2.1 50 speaker set is a unit which, while more expensive than some of its competitors' units, yields warm tones and thumpin' bass on top of its sleek crowdsourced, glossy black design. ThinkComputers has the review.

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