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Vantec NexStar MX Dual 2.5-inch Hard Drive Enclosure

Vantec NexStar MX Dual 2.5-inch Hard Drive Enclosure Review

Data redundancy is a thing that not many people think about. I myself lost about a year of photos because I had them stored on a drive that died and did not have a backup. One of the easiest ways to have data redundancy is to setup a RAID 1 array. Vantec wants to makes this easy with their new NexStar MX Dual 2.5-inch hard drive enclosure (NST-225MX-S3). This small enclosure supports two 2.5-inch hard drives that you can put in Individual/JBOD/RAID0/RAID1 modes. So if you are not going for data redundancy, but rather speed you can set them up in a RAID 0 array. Since this enclosure supports 2.5-inch drives that means you can use solid state drives! The enclosure uses USB 3.0 so your transfer speeds will be very fast too! Let’s take a look and see what it can do!


Hornettek Shark USB 3.0 2.5-inch Hard Drive Enclosure Review

Today we’re looking at Hornettek’s “SHARK” 2.5-inch SATA drive enclosure. You take your existing 2.5” drive and put in the enclosure and voila! Portable drive!  The SHARK utilizes USB 3.0 technology, giving it an edge over comparable products still using USB 2.0.  Crafted from Aluminum, the enclosure is definitely one designed with the aesthetic-oriented tech crowd in mind. Keeping this in mind, does it keep up in terms of performance too?  Read on to find out more..


Vantec NexStar SE Dual 2.5-inch Hard Drive Rack Review

Solid state drives are all the rage right now.  The most common form factor for solid state drives is the 2.5-inch form factor.  Many new cases have support for 2.5-inch drives, but many cases, even newer ones do not.  No one wants to go out and buy a brand new case, just for a hard drive.  Vantec knows this and has a whole line of hard drive racks that support 2.5-inch drives.  Today we will be taking a look at the NexStar SE Dual 2.5-inch hard drive rack, which is a 5.25-inch bay device that supports two 2.5-inch drives.  Let’s take a look...


ICY DOCK MB991IK-B 2.5-inch SATA Bay Enclosure Review

The market has been flooded with a lot of 2.5-inch drives.  There are so many different enclosures being released to fit all of our 2.5-inch drive needs for those older cases without the 2.5-inch hard drive mounting brackets for the more current solid state drives (SSD’s).  The Icy Dock MB991IK-B offers a lot of features jammed packed into this little 3.5” front bay enclosure.  So let’s put the Icy Dock MB991IK-B to the test and see how it handles all of our benchmarks.


SilverStone DS221 External 2.5-inch HDD Dual Bay RAID Enclosure Review

External storage is still very important to a lot of people.  Especially people who use external storage for transferring files between 2 different computers or people use it for a work machine and a home machine.  2.5-inch hard drives have been overlooked for a while now, but since solid state drives use that form factor SilverStone has released the DS221 which is a dual bay 2.5-inch external hard drive enclosure that supports RAID.  Let’s take a look…


Thermaltake Max 4 2.5-inch Hard Drive Rack Review

Smaller 2.5-inch hard drives have become very popular because of the introduction of solid state drives a few years ago.  Since then the drives have come down in price and many people are purchasing their first solid state drive.  Many cases do not have a spot to mount a 2.5-inch hard drive, although some new cases do a good amount do not.  For this reason Thermaltake has come out with the Max 4 hard drive rack.  It supports 2 2.5-inch SATA drives and features tool-free hard drive installation.  Let’s take a look at the Max 4 and see it is perfect for your new solid state drive!


ICY DOCK MB668U-1SB 2.5-inch External Hard Drive Enclosure Review

When it comes to external hard drive enclosure’s the 2.5-inch market is not that popular. Mainly because so many people use older 3.5-inch drives with 3.5-inch enclosures. The thing about 3.5-inch enclosures is that they are large and not easy to carry with you. The MB668U-1SB 2.5-inch enclosure from ICY DOCK is not only small and light it also allows you to install a hard drive with no tools at all. Another interesting thing about this enclosure is that not only does it have a USB connection it has an eSATA connection as well.


In Win Ammo 2.5-inch RFID External Hard Drive Enclosure Review

Most external hard drive enclosures that you see these days are made to look sleek and stylish sitting on your desk or tower. While this is good it is nice to see a company do something a little different. In Win has designed a 2.5-inch external hard drive enclosure that is military themed. It actually looks like a clip for a M4 rifle! Made of 0.8mm of cold steel the Ammo enclosure sure offers a lot of protection and for security measures it offers RFID protection. Let's take a look...

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