Saturday, July 21, 2018

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CNPS2X Ultra-Compact CPU Cooler
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Zalman Unveils CNPS2X Ultra-Compact CPU Cooler

Zalman, a Korean company who is specialist in PC Cooling has declared to rework on one of its very old and most effective CPU cooler design, using the latest CNPS2X - computer noise prevention system. The design includes a mirror-finished copper base, via which a single 8 mm- thick copper heat pipe passes, making direct contact with the CPU. This heat pipe is twisted down into a spiral shape, and with help of its two arms, a spirally-projecting copper fin array emits heat. This array is further compressed down at the base. An 80 mm PWM-controlled fan is located inside the fin array; its downward and sideways airflow ventilates the fins. This low noise fan equips the user to control the RPM for attaining high performance/ low noise depending on the CPU temperature.

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