Zalman Unveils CNPS2X Ultra-Compact CPU Cooler

Zalman, a Korean company who is specialist in PC Cooling has declared to rework on one of its very old and most effective CPU cooler design, using the latest CNPS2X – computer noise prevention system. The design includes a mirror-finished copper base, via which a single 8 mm- thick copper heat pipe passes, making direct contact with the CPU. This heat pipe is twisted down into a spiral shape, and with help of its two arms, a spirally-projecting copper fin array emits heat. This array is further compressed down at the base. An 80 mm PWM-controlled fan is located inside the fin array; its downward and sideways airflow ventilates the fins. This low noise fan equips the user to control the RPM for attaining high performance/ low noise depending on the CPU temperature.

CNPS2X Ultra-Compact CPU Cooler

Coming down to its size, it measures 84 X 84 X 27mm, while weighing 83g. Zalman also declares that the cooler can hold thermal loads of up to 120W by emitting the air straight from the fan to the mother board through down blowing design; it cools down not only the CPU, as well as the components around it.


It supports latest types of sockets such as including LGA115x, AM3+/AM3, and FM2/FM1. It will be available later in July with a price of $30.

Source: Hermitage Akihabara | News Archive