Friday, July 20, 2018

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Thermaltake Pacific RL360 D5 RGB Water Cooling Kit Review

And that brings us to today’s review. After much anticipation we have finally gotten our hands on one of Tt’s new custom AIO watercooling kits, the Pacific RL360 D5 RGB! This kit comes specced out with a full complement of standard water cooling gear picked out and packaged into a single simple brown box. Follow along as we find out if this kit is really all you need to be a custom water cooler; as well as just how much performance is packed into that single brown box!

Phanteks EVOLV ITX

Phanteks Enthoo EVOLV ITX: Watercooling Edition

After my recent review of the Phanteks Enthoo Evolv ITX I felt that I wasn’t quite done with the review. What good is a case designed for watercooling with all air cooling installed? And aside from that travesty, I felt that in order to properly test Phanteks’ made for watercooling mini-ITX case I should actually do a proper install. With that in mind follow along with this guide as I install a full custom loop in the Enthoo Evolv ITX.


Swiftech H220: Adding to the Loop

One of the biggest selling points of Swiftech’s all in one cooler, <a href="">the H220</a> is it’s claim to be a fully expandable liquid cooling system.  By this they mean it is possible to add other cooling elements to the self contained loop.  This would mean that for the price of only $139.99 USD you can buy for yourself the complete set of core components needed for a custom liquid cooling loop, something that would normally cost around $300.  The main components include; a pump, a radiator, a block for the component you wish to cool, and a reservoir.  Starting off from these items you can now easily add any other element from your rig to the loop.  If their claim is true, the sky’s the limit, you can liquid cool anything from your gpu to your chipset, to your ram.  Not keeping cool enough with just the 240mm radiator?  Throw an additional radiator into the loop as well!  Follow along as we explore how to work with a liquid cooling loop, and find out just what the limits of this “expandability” are.

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