Phanteks Enthoo EVOLV ITX: Watercooling Edition

After my recent review of the Phanteks Enthoo Evolv ITX I felt that I wasn’t quite done with the review. What good is a case designed for watercooling with all air cooling installed? And aside from that travesty, I felt that in order to properly test Phanteks’ made for watercooling mini-ITX case I should actually do a proper install. With that in mind follow along with this guide as I install a full custom loop in the Enthoo Evolv ITX.

Before we can install any watercooling components we need to remove some of the out of the box parts. Begin by removing the front panel and fan filter. This will give us access to remove the front fan. Taking out the four screws and unplugging the connector from the motherboard allows us to easily pull the fan straight out.

Phanteks EVOLV ITX Phanteks EVOLV ITX

Next we are going to remove the GPU cover box. While it is actually a location that you could possibly install your pump, we are not going to use it. It is held on by two thumb screws from the back panel side. We also want to remove the HDD cage from the bottom of the case. This is secured with eight screws that must be removed. With those two parts removed that is all the prep we will be doing to get the case ready.

Phanteks EVOLV ITX Phanteks EVOLV ITX Phanteks EVOLV ITX