Friday, July 20, 2018

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The iPad Mini is in Production

Myself along with many others thought we would see an iPad Mini announcement the same day Apple announced the iPhone 5, but there was no announcement to be made. The Wall Street Journal posted an <a href="" target="_blank">article</a> yesterday saying that Asian suppliers have already started production on the new, smaller iPad. Now today the Australian blog Product Feedback have posted pictures and a video of Cygnett cases specially made for the iPad Mini. So we have to assume the iPad Mini is all but announced.

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Cygnett Imperial iPhone 4 Case Review

Not that long ago we took a look at our first iPhone case from Cygnett, the <a href="">WorkMate Pro</a> and it proved to be a great case with at a great price.  Today we are taking a look at a more stylish case from Cygnett in the Imperial.  The Imperial is antique-style case that has a very cool pattern on it that will definitely get the attention of your friends.  Let’s see if this case can live up to the WorkMate Pro.

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Cygnett WorkMate Pro iPhone 4 Case Review

Today we are taking a look at an iPhone 4 case from a company we have never heard of before.  The company is Cygnett and the iPhone 4 case is the WorkMate Pro.  For a company we have never heard of I am actually really impressed with this case.  It uses a dual silicone and polycarbonate design, which works really well.  Let’s get right in to this review and check out the WorkMate Pro case!

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