The iPad Mini is in Production

Myself along with many others thought we would see an iPad Mini announcement the same day Apple announced the iPhone 5, but there was no announcement to be made. The Wall Street Journal posted an article yesterday saying that Asian suppliers have already started production on the new, smaller iPad. Now today the Australian blog Product Feedback have posted pictures and a video of Cygnett cases specially made for the iPad Mini. So we have to assume the iPad Mini is all but announced.

iPad Mini Cases from Cygnett

The cases is question do look authentic and Cygnett is a pretty large brand no one one off no-name brand so we are assuming these cases are the real thing. Check out the video below of the video Product Feedback made showing off these cases.

Looking through the rumor mill it seems most people think that the iPad Mini will be revealed on the 17th October and on sale shortly after. The smaller size is a step in the right direction for Apple so they could compete with smaller tablets like Google’s Nexus 7. What do you guys think?

Source: Product Feedback | News Archive

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