Sunday, July 22, 2018

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Intel Reimagines Data Center Storage with New 3D NAND SSDs

Today, Intel announced the Intel SSD DC P4510 Series for data center applications. The P4510 Series uses 64-layer TLC Intel 3D NAND to enable end users to do more per server, support broader workloads and deliver space-efficient capacity. The P4510 Series enables up to four times more terabytes per server and delivers up to 10 times better random read latency at 99.99 percent quality of service than previous generations.

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It’s Data Centers All the Way Down

There was a time when the only people interested in data security were corporate moguls with secrets to keep and billions of dollars to protect. Arguably, that is still true today. There is a better than excellent chance that you are simply not a high enough value target for anyone to care about your secrets, or your hundreds of dollars. But thanks to the revelations from Edward Snowden, we all feel like corporate high-rollers whose secrets have ben stolen, and our underwear drawers rifled through.

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AMD Unveils Server Strategy and Roadmap

Are you still wondering what AMD plans to do when it comes to its server strategy? Well, the waiting is over and AMD has pulled the curtains off the vaguest decisions of its history. AMD today has revealed everything by disclosing its roadmap. Reason behind this wise or unwise move is to target those shareholders and pundits who have under-estimated and doubted AMD’s ability to recapture the market share in the enterprise and data centre markets. Probably AMD wants to prove by planning out various innovative products which meet the fast growing data centers and computing overloads that it’s not less than anyone.

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AMD Launches the AMD FirePro R5000 Remote Graphics Card for Deployment in Data Centers

AMD today announced the arrival of the AMD FirePro R5000 remote graphics card, a flexible, manageable solution designed and engineered to power remote 3D-graphics workflows and full computing experiences over IP networks. The energy-, space- and cost-efficient AMD FirePro R5000 is the ideal solution for IT managers operating in data center environments where limited space, power budgets and cooling costs pose a constant challenge.

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