NVIDIA Releases Roadmap For its CPU, GPU and DPU Datacenter 2020-2025

NVIDIA has unveiled the roadmap of the next 4 years for their data centers during GTC 2021. NVIDIA’s founder and CEO said that the company will now focus on x86 architecture and then will shift its focus to ARM a year later. This approach will allow NVIDIA to offer solutions that are suitable for both architectures.

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Moreover, NVIDIA also revealed the first ARM-based CPU codenamed Project Grace which will launch in 2023. However, NVIDIA did not confirm the names of the new architecture. NVIDIA has plans to launch its Grace Next CPU in a span of four years.

Besides that, NVIDIA also shared that the Ampere’s successor, codenamed Lovelace, will launch next year.

In the end, NVIDIA announced its plans for Bluefield data processing units. The Bluefield-2 will launch in 2022, while NVIDIA has plans to launch the Bluefield-4 processor by 2024.

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060

Although NVIDIA shared its data centres roadmap, it will affect consumer plans too as the data centre products are usually released before consumer products, which might push back the launch of Ampere Next-based GeForce cards to 2022.