Saturday, July 21, 2018

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Apple To Implement E-Ink Keyboards In 2018 MacBooks

This week it was reported that Apple was in talks to acquire Sonder, an Australian startup the specializes in making keyboards with E-Ink displays. Today is seems that Apple is teaming up with Sonder to brink E-Ink technology to its MacBook lineup in 2018.

Sonder Keyboard
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Sonder Keyboard Uses E-Ink to Display Shortcuts

Sonder Design has recently announced their Sonder Keyboard. It is designed to look like the typical Mac aluminum keyboard, but 50 of its 78 keys are fully customizable. Each of these 50 keys have an E-Ink screen that allows you to full customize each key. So you could easily display shortcuts for the program or game you are in, application launch shortcuts, and so much more.

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Sony to Launch 13.3-inch E-Ink Notepad

Sony will be launching a 13.3-inch "Digital Paper" device that will be initially aimed at University students in Japan. The reason for the large size is that it will be the same size as a A4 sheet of paper. The device will allows for PDF creation, reading and annotating. Unlike other readers out there this one is meant to be a replacement for paper and will not have many features that other e-readers and tablets do.

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Unboxing the Amazon Kindle Touch

If you read a lot of books then you definitely should have a Kindle. With a Kindle you can store and access many books at a time, which is much more convenient than having an entire bookshelf of books. Today we are taking a look at the Kindle Touch. This is Amazon's $99 kindle that features an E-ink display, supports text-to-speech, audiobooks and MP3's and can hold up to 3,000 books. Read on to check out our unboxing and overview video. This is Jack's first unboxing so let him know how he did in the comments!

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