Unboxing the Amazon Kindle Touch

If you read a lot of books then you definitely should have a Kindle. With a Kindle you can store and access many books at a time, which is much more convenient than having an entire bookshelf of books. Today we are taking a look at the Kindle Touch. This is Amazon’s $99 kindle that features an E-ink display, supports text-to-speech, audiobooks and MP3’s and can hold up to 3,000 books. Read on to check out our unboxing and overview video. This is Jack’s first unboxing so let him know how he did in the comments!

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Information: Kindle’s high-contrast, most advanced E Ink touchscreen reads like real paper, with no glare. Read as easily in bright sunlight as in your living room.

Simple To Use Touchscreen
Kindle Touch features an easy-to-use touch interface. Turn pages, search, shop books and take notes quickly and easily.

Light and Compact
Our all-new sleek design sports an 11% smaller body, with the same 6″ screen size, and is 8% lighter, only 7.5 ounces.

Holds 3,000 Books
Carry up to 3,000 books – keep your entire library with you wherever you go.

Two Month Battery Life
No battery anxiety – read for up to two months on a single charge with wireless off and a half hour of reading per day.

NEW – EasyReach
Exclusive to Kindle Touch. Tap to turn pages – no need to swipe, so you can hold Kindle in either hand. Learn More

Books in 60 Seconds
Find a book and start reading in seconds with our fast, free wireless delivery. No computer required.

Built-In Wi-Fi
Connect to Wi-Fi hotspots at home or on the road. Includes free Wi-Fi access at AT&T hotspots across the U.S.

Simple to Use
Kindle Touch is ready to use right out of the box – no setup, no software to install, no computer required to download content.

Adjustable Text Sizes
Read comfortably with eight different sizes and three font styles.

Fast page turns
Kindle Touch has a powerful processor tuned for fast, seamless page turns.

PDF and Personal Documents
Email personal documents and PDFs direct to your Kindle to read and annotate on-the-go.